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Our purest and best quality online Halal Vitamin D | Vitamin D3 | Vitamin D supplement | Halal Liquid Vitamins D and Halal daily Vitamins D are 100% pure and the best ones in the market. Since we are indoor all day long mostly without sunshine we can develop vitamin d deficiency. It has been scientifically proven that vitamin D deficiency can increase the risk of cancer| cardivascular diseases| depression| Heart problem| Diabetes Mellites| Osteoprosis and Autoimmune disease and we do sell our products with Shipping and Handling free within USA. We have been in business since 2002 and have team of doctors and Pharmacist who know our priorities to formulate the basic need of vitamins and sell them globally. All our products are non GMO and non allergen. We made these products certified by NSF and ISNA for Halal certification after being manufactured in GMP and FDA approved facility. We have different concentrations of Vitamin D3 which are 1000IU|5000IU|10000IU and 50000IU.The liquid vitamin D3 is available for kids.The small sleek bottle for kids has a dropper to provide our kids the measured amount of vitamin D3.Who need to take this vitamin are have lower levels of vitamin D as people with limited sun exposure|old aged population|over weight human beings|dark skinned people|Regular use of sunblock|People with liver and gall bladder disease |pregnant women and infants.Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin and needs contribution of liver and gall bladder to be absorbed in the body even if take in the regular diet here vitamin D usage is needed.
The recommended daily amount is a range of 400IU to 800IU in a normal human being but the source of Vitamin D in food is limited.A general health and well being alongwith normal levels of this vitamin is required for the above mentioned RDA of Vitamin D.